Health Care Providers

Guidance for Health Care Providers

This guidance book provides information to health care providers about how to use the Indiana POST program.

Indiana POST form overview slides 2017-5-1 (PowerPoint)

This power point presentation, authored by IU School of Nursing Professor Susan Hickman, PhD, is a teaching tool aimed at professionals including medical personnel, social workers, and attorneys. It contains information on the core elements of the Indiana POST Program.

The New Indiana POST Program

Video of lecture about the Indiana POST Program featuring Susan Hickman, PhD

POST Decision Tree

Decision tree to help determine if a patient is appropriate for the Indiana POST form and who is legally authorized to sign it.

POST Face Sheet

This cover sheet is designed to accompany the POST form and provides introductory information for patients and families.

POST Revocation checklist

Indiana Department of Homeland Security POST Information

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security maintains a educational website containing information about the Indiana POST Program for emergency medical responders.

EMS POST Educational Packet

An educational packet for EMS developed by the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association EMS Section and the Indiana Patient Preferences Coalition with the approval of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

The Indiana POST Program Webinar Series

Part 1 – The Indiana POST Program: Background and Research (12:23 mins)

Part 2 – The Indiana POST Form: An Overview (12:58 mins)

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