The Indiana Patient Preferences Coalition (IPPC) is a coalition of professionals in health care, ethics, law, and senior services committed to honoring patient treatment preferences. The group first formed in August 2010 to explore the development of the Indiana version of the POLST Paradigm (www.polst.org). Legislation was introduced by Representative Tim Brown, MD (R – Crawfordsville) in 2012 and reintroduced in 2013. HB 1182 passed the house unanimously (95 to 0) and was passed nearly unanimously in the Senate (48 to 1) before being signed into law in May 2013. The Indiana POST became legally valid throughout the state of Indiana on July 1, 2013. A revised version of the Indiana POST Form was issued by the Indiana State Department of Health in December 2016.


Indianapolis Medical Society Article on POST (reprinted with permission)

This article provides background information about the development of the Indiana POST legislation.